Atari 5200 Roms Details

Atari 5200, also known as the Atari 5200 SuperSystem, is a second-generation 8-bit console. The development and production was carried out by the company Atari. The launch was expected in particular after the popular predecessor model Atari 2600. The main goal of the development was not only a certain position in the market of the game industry, but also the competition to Mattel Intellivision. However, the introduction of the console has shown that Atari has to compete with ColecoVision.

Atari also offered a completely new controller with analog joystick, two shutter buttons, numeric keypad and start, pause and reset buttons. One of the innovations proposed by the company was a device called a "TV control box", which could be used to connect the console to a TV and immediately transmit the TV antenna signal to the console signal during activation. Before that, users had to change it manually.

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