Apple I Roms Details

Officially Apple was founded on April 1, 1976, when the Apple I computer, also called Apple Computer I, came on the market: For 10 months, 175 devices were assembled and sold at a price of 666.66 US dollars , In fact, Apple I was a motherboard with no casing, keyboard, sound and graphics. Apple-1 went down in history as one of the easiest PCs to use. The motherboard already contained 30 mounted chips that were ready for use, and the purchase did not need to use its own capacitors and memory, as with other kits for mounting the "home computer". Buyers just had to connect the case to the board, power supply, keyboard and monitor.

The experience gained by Wozniak in assembling and selling Apple I enabled it to develop a much more successful and best-selling Apple II computer. Apple brought about 200 computers on the market, but there were only 20 to 50 copies left. Apple I is sometimes referred to as the first personal computer sold fully assembled. However, others claim that the honor rightfully belongs to other computers such as MOS Technology, KIM-1, Datapoint 2200 or even Altair 8800.

Not many games have been released for Apple I. However, you can be sure that we have them available for free download on this page. Download and play Rome's Apple I games in our PC, Android and iOS emulators.