Amstrad CPC Roms Details

Amstrad CPC 464: An 8-bit personal computer launched by Amstrad Company in 1984 as a competitor to Commodore 64 and the Sinclair ZX Spectrum at a price of 249 pounds. This computer was also called Shneider CPC 464 modification GT65, the same Amstrad but for the German, Austrian and Swiss market with green screen on the market. The computer was equipped with the processor Zilog Z80 (frequency 2.5 MHz), 64 kB RAM, tape recorder and the operating system Locomotive BASIC 1.0.

Amstrad CPC stands for Color Personal Computer. It is noteworthy that in the context of the competing platforms of Atari, Commodore and Sinclair, the games in Amstrad CPC were quite equal and often superior to their analogs for ZX Spectrum, in order to delight the view with vivid colors. Of course, we can not compare it to the beauty of the VGA or multi-CGA levels on the PC, but remember that it was the year 1984! IBM PC fans were at best satisfied with the 4-color CGA. The Amstrad CPC has spread in France.

Today, many CPC emulators are developed by Amstrad. Worth mentioning are the best known ones like CPCEMU and WinCPC. On our website you can download CPC Rome games and emulators for free.