Acorn Electron Roms Details

Acorn Electron is a simplified version of Acorn BBC-B, but it is partially compatible. Especially Acorn and Chris Curry needed after the completion of the BBC an article in order to be able to compete with the PC "£ 200 under" and in particular the Sinclair Spectrum, their main competitor. What happened next, however, was not very good for Acorn. Acorn was unable to meet the demand for the new system, largely due to manufacturing issues associated with the large custom ULA in the heart of the Acorn Electron.

In 1984, Acorn decided to anticipate each of these problems and focused on creating the electron in unlimited numbers. Unfortunately, public demands and excitement dwindled, and despite a £ 4m heavy advertising effort, 33% of the assembled electrons never reached the shelves. The abandonment of large reserves of paid parts has never been claimed.

Acorn Electron was completely simple compared to the BBC-B model. I only had one expansion port to play with. Fortunately, Acorn immediately launched the extension called Plus 1, which included two ROM cartridge slots, a parallel / center of gravity interface, and a joystick port.

The built-in Acorn Electron BASIC was adopted by the popular BBC BASIC at the time, surprising with innovative features such as the ability to define DEF PROC and ENDPROC procedures or handle error events. There was even an ALTE statement that would restore a program deleted by NEW.

The graphics capabilities were remarkable for a PC of this class: Text mode with support for up to 80 columns and a high resolution of up to 640 x 256 pixels with 2 colors. The custom ULA, designed specifically for Acorn Electron, was responsible for displaying video, audio and I / O. She was the real heart of the electron.

The mechanical keyboard was great. The BASIC statements printed on most keys let users write immediately. A small orange LED on the left side of the keyboard indicates whether the user was in lowercase or uppercase mode. Acorn Electron was much more powerful than ZX Spectrum but could not beat it.

If you are homesick or just want to play a few Acorn Electron games on your PC, you can download free Acorn Electron game ROMs here. With the help of the Acorn Electron emulator, you can play Rome games.