Acorn Archimedes Roms Details

Acorn Archimedes - Acorn Computers developed a suite of large-scale personal computers. All computers had 32-bit microprocessors with RISC architecture developed by Acorn Company. The first models of the series 300 and 400 were launched in June 1987 on the market. Both series were delivered with the operating system Arthur, the programming language BBC Basic and the emulator MMC Micro.

The first Acorn Archimedes model had a high density standard floppy disk drive. The device supports reading multiple formats, including DOS and Atari discs. These days, the Acorn Archimedes series is very rare, but you can always play Acorn Archimedes games by downloading the emulator. You can also find a wide selection of Acorn Archimedes rome games on our website, which you can download for free.

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