Acorn 8 bit Roms Details

Acorn 8-bit computers are the first building block in the development of ARM processors that are used in most Android smartphones today. The 1980s were a time of apparition and the meteoric rise of a class of computers like "home computers". Despite the name, they were not just for home use. They were purchased in large quantities for use in offices, schools, etc. The first model was launched at the end of 1981, while the production of the latest version was completed in 1994. Acorn 8-Bit, also known as BBC Micro, could not keep up with Apple, which gained popularity and eliminated its main rivals.

You do not have to buy an 8-bit retro Acorn computer today. You can easily download the free 8-bit Acorn emulator, which creates a virtual platform on your PC or Android device. For educational or entertainment purposes, you can show your kids what games we had in the 90s by downloading acorn rom games for the acorn emulator.

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